Becoming a Fellow (FABFA®)

fellowBecome a Fellow Now!

By being a Diplomate of ABFA in good standing and successfully completing the requirements, you have the opportunity to elevate your status by becoming a Fellow (FABFA®) of ABFA. 

What is the Fellow designation?

The Fellow designation is the highest honor ABFA can bestow upon a member. This designation is reserved for members with outstanding achievements and excellence as well as participating actively in ABFA programs.

What are the requirements for Fellow status?

  • Continue to fulfill the requirements for becoming a Diplomate and hold the Diplomate designation for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Pay the one-time passage fee of $250.

How do I apply for Fellow status?

Click the link below to start the process. Please allow the Board a few weeks to review your request and work with you in regard to this process. We want to get to know each of you and create a unique learning experience.

Fellow Application

If you prefer, you may email the Board your request to become a Fellow along with the required documentation and also submit the proper fees.

MAIL – 1400 Easton Drive, Suite 137, Bakersfield, CA 93309
FAX – 661-861-8005

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