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By being a Certified Forensic Accountant® in good standing and successfully completing the requirements, you have the opportunity to elevate your status by becoming a Diplomate (DABFA) and a Fellow (FABFA) of ABFA. 

What is the Diplomate designation?

The Diplomate status is awarded to those who have made professional achievements and contributions to the field of forensics. It recognizes achievement and excellence and establishes the Diplomate as a distinguished top professional.

What are the requirements for Diplomate status?

  • Hold the Certified Forensic Accountant® credential for at least two (2) years.
  • Have no felony convictions or ethical violations in the last ten (10) years, as well as not be under investigation by any legal, accounting, or licensing board.
  • Agree to adhere to ABFA’s Principles of Professional Practice.
  • Have appropriate educational degrees from accredited universities and have five (5) years of relative experience in a forensic-related field.
  • Submit online (or by fax) your curriculum vitae/professional resume, plus copies of forensic reports and court transcripts and/or depositions indicating experience in the forensic accounting field.  The application link is below.
  • Applicant will write a report that will add to the body of knowledge of forensic accounting. This report should be in APA format and have at least ten (10) pages of content. You’ll submit your topic for approval during the initial application process. Once your topic is approved, please submit your outline for approval. This report will be graded by the Board. There will be a fee of $110 for grading each report.  Links for submitting your outline and final paper are below.
  • Dedicate yourself to continuing education. Diplomates are expected to complete fifteen (15) hours of forensic-related continuing education per year from ABFA or an equivalent organization.
  • Pay the one-time passage fee of $250.

What is the Fellow designation?

The Fellow designation is the highest honor ABFA can bestow upon a member. This designation is reserved for members with outstanding achievements and excellence as well as participating actively in ABFA programs.

What are the requirements for Fellow status?

  • Continue to fulfill the requirements for becoming a Diplomate and hold the Diplomate designation for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • Pay the one-time passage fee of $250.

How do I apply for Diplomate or Fellow status?

Click the appropriate link below to start the process. Please allow the Board a few weeks to review your request and work with you in regard to this process. We want to get to know each of you and create a unique learning experience. You do not have to be a CPA or international equivalent to become a DABFA or FABFA, though you do have to meet the requirements and receive Board approval.

Diplomate Application
Diplomate Outline Submission
Diplomate Final Report Submission

Fellow Application

If you prefer, you may email the Board your request to become a Diplomate or Fellow along with the required documentation and also submit the proper fees.

MAIL – 1400 Easton Drive, Suite 137, Bakersfield, CA 93309
FAX – 661-861-8005

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