Requirements for the Licensed Healthcare Auditor™ (LHA™)


Steps to Receiving the Licensed Healthcare Auditor™ Certification

1) Meet the eligibility requirements

These requirements must be met in order to apply for the LHA™ program:

  • Must have two (2) years applicable experience and/or education (to be evaluated by the Board via a scoring matrix process)
  • Depending on your experience score and forensic accounting academic background, forensic accounting training may be required (see Forensic Accounting Review under Programs/Courses)
  • Must be in compliance with all local ordinances, state laws, and federal regulations
  • No felony convictions

2) Apply to the program (application at the bottom of this page)

Submit the application, fees, and required supporting documentation, including the following:

  • Current resume/curriculum vitae
  • Degrees
  • Substantiation of experience
  • Other licenses, certifications, certificates, and/or commissions
  • At least two (2) professional references

3) Prepare for the exam

Once you have been approved, you can begin preparing for the exam by taking the Healthcare Auditing Review.

4) Sit for the exam

The exam fee for Licensed Healthcare Auditor™ certification is $585.

After successful completion of the exam, you will receive the Licensed Healthcare Auditor™ credential from ABFA. Your credential will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks of completion of the exam.

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