The American Board of Forensic Accounting® Governmental Program – ABGOV™


The ABGOV™ is a special credential the American Board of Forensic Accounting® has established for Governmental Accountants and Auditors who demonstrate knowledge and competence in professional forensic accounting services in the Government sector. For example, these sectors include:

• Military
• Law Enforcement
• Inspector General Offices
• Internal Auditors
• Healthcare Auditors
• Defense Contract Audit Agency
• Office of Management and Budget


These are in addition to all the other Accountants and Auditors that serve our Country in both Government Civilian and Military occupations.

Through our testing, analysis, and evaluation of the knowledge, and skills and abilities of applicants, we will be able to provide certification and re-certification of applicants in the field of forensic document examination.

If you are interested in this credential, please contact the American Board of Forensic Accounting at for more detailed information. Once you contact us, one of our Board Members will discuss this unique and special program with you.

ABGOV™ Requirements

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