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“The Forensic Accounting Review course was an excellent course as it strengthened my knowledge in Forensic Accounting. I would highly recommend the FAR course to others with interest in Forensic Accounting.”

Martin G., ABGOV, RFI, Government Auditor


“I would highly recommend purchasing the Forensic Accounting Review (FAR) course for any professional that has intentions of taking the Certified Forensic Accountant examination for their CRFAC designation. The FAR platform was extremely easy to use, the information was concise, relevant and interesting, and Dr. Crumbley was a great moderator.”

Susan K., CPA, CRFAC, Audit Manager

Professional Firms

” …Dr. Scott McHone and staff make certification obtainable and realistic. I was extremely pleased with how the entire program was strategically outlined. I would highly recommend the Forensic Accounting Review course for any professionals aspiring to advance their career in forensic accounting.”

Paul F., RFI, Corporate Auditor

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