Forensic accounting is a growing area of practice in which the knowledge, skills, and abilities of advanced accounting are combined with investigative expertise and applied to legal problems. Forensic accountants are often asked to provide litigation support where they are called on to give expert testimony about financial data and accounting activities. In other more proactive engagements, they probe situations using special investigative accounting skills and techniques. Some even see forensic accounting as practiced by skilled accounting specialists becoming part and parcel of most financial audits–an extra quality control step in the auditing process that will help reduce financial statement fraud.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting (10th Edition) is a complete and readily teachable text on today’s most timely accounting topics. Written by two top accounting and forensic teachers, this text covers all the important underpinnings as well as the substance of forensic accounting. It covers both litigation support and investigative accounting, examining the practical aspects of these two areas as well as many of the newer technological areas.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting (10th Edition) explains and demonstrates how an effective forensic accountant needs a solid understanding of accounting, investigative auditing techniques, criminology, and courtroom procedures in addition to excellent communications skills, both written and oral. In today’s litigious and highly regulated climate, all accountants–external, internal, forensic consultants, and corporate accountants–must possess this knowledge base and develop these techniques.

This intriguing text provides unparalleled guidance to help develop the mindset and the skillset to meet the evolving challenges facing accountants today. The 10th Edition includes new and updated examples in addition to discussions on non-financial fraud, pandemic fraud schemes, tax havens, the Anti Money Laundering Act of 2020, updated guidance for non-poaching agreements, an updated sample engagement letter, and much more.

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ISBN # 978-1-7373782-7-3