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May 2024 (CURRENT ISSUE)Fraud Risk Management in Government and Public Service Sectors

April 2024 Unveiling the Nexus: Transnational Crime, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering
March 2024 – Kraft Heinz Company and the $15.4 Billion Impairment Charge: Subsequent Lawsuits
February 2024 – How Should Cryptocurrencies Be Defined and Reported? An Exploratory Study of Accounting Professor Opinions
January 2024 Fraud Investigators: The Role of Forensic Accountants in Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Financial Fraud Schemes Within Businesses and Organizations


December 2023Conventional Forensic Analysis vs. Data Mining for Small to Medium Sized Businesses
November 2023 Business Combination v. Asset Acquisition: KPMG’s Earnings Management and Subsequent Litigation Involving Miller Energy Resources
October 2023 Canada’s Li-Cycle Holdings Corporation: Innovative Technology and Innovative Accounting for Off-Take Agreements
September 2023 Interview with Dr. D. Larry Crumbley: 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities in Forensic Accounting
August 2023 Cybersecurity Tips for Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Data Security for Businesses, Firms, and Organizations
July 2023 – Healthcare Fraud: Offender Patterns and Trends within Medicare and Medicaid Programs
June 2023 Defense Contractor and Military Fraud: Violations of the False Claims Act
May 2023 Central Bank Digital Currencies (CSBDs): A Primer
April 2023 Financial Compliance, Enforcement Actions, and Prosecutions Within the Banking Industry
March 2023 – The Multibillion-Dollar Southern Company Fraud
February 2023 – Measuring Damages in Federal Securities Fraud Cases: A Herculean Task
January 2023 – Special Edition – The Fall of FTX: A Macro-Level Forensic Analysis of Corporate Culture and Behaviors Utilizing Discourse Fraud Analysis


January 2022 – Do Expert Witnesses Have Immunity from Civil Liability?
February 2022 – An Interview with Dr. Scott McHone, President of the ABFA
March 2022 – College Connections
April 2022 – Data Analytics: A Tool for Fraud Detection for Forensic Accountants and Auditors
May 2022 – How to Avoid Inadvertently Violating the FCPA Abroad
June 2022 – The Role of the Expert Witness
July 2022 – Forensic Accounting in Action: The Case of John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard
August 2022 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2022
September 2022 – COVID-19: Economic Aid and Relief Program Fraud Trends
October 2022 Cybercrime in the Digital Age
November 2022 Financial Fraud and Nuclear Plants
December 2022 Teaching Interviewing Techniques to Forensic Accountants Is Critical


January 2021 – The Sides of a Fraud and a Fraudster (Interview)
February 2021
– Financial Elder Abuse
March 2021
–- Integrating Forensic Accounting Techniques in Nigeria
April 2021
A Venn Diagram Fraud Model
May 2021
– Cyber Risk and the Energy Industry
June 2021
– Fraud Trends and How Technology Can Help
July 2021
– Forensic Accounting Review – Updated and Expanded
August 2021
– How Not to Negotiate a Damage Claim (BP)
September 2021
– The Value Proposition of Forensic Accounting Training
October 2021
– The Rising Demand for Certification in Forensic Accounting
November 2021
– Cybersecurity Essentials
December 2021
– Tangible and Intangible Costs of White-Collar Crime


January 2020 – Academic Research Misconduct
February 2020 – CEO Compensation and Tax Loss Carrybacks
March 2020 – Special Edition – Conviction at Any Cost | COVID-19 Links
April 2020 – Meet Phil Yaeger, CPA Review Expert
May 2020 – Accounting Scandals
June 2020 – Financial Valuation Fitness
July 2020 – The Moderating Effects of Acquisition Premiums in Private Corporations
August 2020 – “I want to pass. Where is the test bank?”
September 2020 – Anatomy of a Non-Financial Fraud
October 2020 – Cryptocurrencies and Fraud
November 2020 – The “Frack Master’s” Microcap Fraud
December 2020 – Caught in the FCPA Briar Patch


January 2019 – Forensic Tax Reconstruction
February 2019 – IRS-CI Unit Celebrates 100 Years
March 2019 – Test Your Forensic Accounting Knowledge
April 2019 – Meet the ABFA Executive Director
May 2019 – Forensic Accounting Tips for the Practitioner
June 2019 – The Engagement Letter
July 2019 – An Ethical Decision-Making Model for Modern Accountants
August 2019 – No Poaching Allowed
September 2019 – What is Forensic Accounting?
October 2019 – Colonial Bank Fraud: The Perfect Storm
November 2019 – Forensic Investing: Red Flags
December 2019 – The Caterpillar Case: Effective Tax Planning or Scam?


January 2018 – A Message from Don Fort, IRS-CI
February 2018 – On the Hunt for the Lindbergh Kidnappers
March 2018 – Where the T-Men Started Their Forensic Accounting
April 2018 – Meet Raymond Sherrard
May 2018 – Memorial Day Edition
June 2018 – Academic Edition
July 2018 – LSU Forensic Accounting and Fraud Conference
August 2018 – ABFA’s New Cyber Security Credential
September 2018 – Business Valuation Software
October 2018 – Healthcare Fraud
November 2018 – ABFA Certified Instructor Program
December 2018 – Fraud is Everywhere