The American Board of Forensic Accounting is proud to announce the creation of a day to honor the forensic accounting trade and the individuals who use it in their careers. We are proclaiming October 24th to be the first National Forensic Accounting Day, created in honor of James McClelland, the first individual to incorporate the practice into his work.

McClelland was born in 1799 and was a highly successful accountant in the city of Glasgow, Scotland for over fifty years. In those days, the concept of an “Accountant of the Court” was unheard of, but he focused on getting the affairs of bankrupt estates settled in a timely fashion. In 1853, McClelland was selected as the first president of the Institute of Professional Accountants. Upon retiring from professional business, he moved to London where he died on October 24, 1879.

The American Board of Forensic Accounting hopes forensic accountants nationwide will take the opportunity to celebrate this and every October 24th. The hashtag #nationalforensicaccountingday can be used in any social media postings or tweets to recognize the day.

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