Miscellaneous Payments

We have provided a safe, secure, and easy way for you to make a payment. You can use this for:

  • paying multiple items at once.
  • paying remaining balances.
  • other items not listed in the Payments section.

Simply enter the amount (with decimals) in the box below and add a description for your records (optional). You’ll then go to a Checkout page where you can pay securely. If you have a Member ID number, enter that in the appropriate section of the Checkout page. The site will display a green secure icon in the address bar when you click on the word “Checkout.”

Member Notice: If I am renewing my ABFA membership, I affirm that my professional license has not been revoked or suspended and is not currently under investigation. I also affirm that I have not been convicted of any felonies prior to or since joining the association. I understand that if I falsify my credentials, my membership status will be immediately revoked.



The form below may be used to set up monthly payments. You will need prior approval from the ABFA to exercise this option.
Payment Authorization Form

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