The American Board of Forensic Accounting® has a number of different programs and courses designed to help further the field of forensic accounting.

Please click below to learn about the following programs offered by the ABFA:

ABGOV® – GFA Government Forensic Accountant® Credentialing Program

CCSA – Certified Cyber Security Accountant – CCSA™ Credentialing Program

CFB – Certified Forensic Bookkeeper CFB Credentialing Program

CRFAC® – Certified Forensic Accountant® Credentialing Program

DABFA – Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accounting DABFA®

FABFA – Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Accounting FABFA®

FIS – Forensic Intelligence Specialist FIS Credentialing Program

LHA –  Licensed Healthcare Auditor LHA® Credentialing Program

RFI – Registered Forensic Investigator® Credentialing Program

Please click below to learn about the following courses offered by the ABFA:

Forensic Accounting Review (FAR) – The FAR is a comprehensive review course covering the ‘broad base knowledge’ of forensic accounting and providing educational units for professionals and others. This is ABFA’s core course.

Healthcare Auditing Review (HAR) ABFA’s Healthcare Auditing Review is a high-quality forensic healthcare auditing training program designed for healthcare professionals, accountants, and auditors.

Cyber Security for Accounting and Auditing Professionals Review (CAR) – The CAR is a high quality cyber security program designed for accountants, auditors, and other professionals.

Forensic Accounting Video Series (FAVS)– ABFA’s Forensic Accounting Review Series is an interactive online forensic accounting video series developed by a team of prestigious forensic accountants and educators, featuring world-leading forensic accounting professor Dr. Larry Crumbley.



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