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Accounting and Business Special Edition US 2019

A Force for Good – April 2019 (article)

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Forensic Accounting Tools


Discourse Fraud Analysis Scoring Matrix – V5.0 (Excel format)


   Sample Forensic Accounting Engagement Letter (PDF format)



A Real Life Forensic Accountant – Scott McHone CPA, PHD




The Next Movie: The Forensic Accountant? – D Larry Crumbley, Emeritus Professor, LSU





The Tally Stick: The First Internal Control – Nicholas Apostolou and D Larry Crumbley



There is a need for a fraud analysis technique that explains how individual fraudulent behavior is impacted by organizational environmental conditions at the macro-level. Also, a more robust understanding of how fraud proliferates under certain organizational conditions is needed.

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An Investigation of the Factors that Impact the Perceived Value of Forensic Accounting Certifications.  Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting, January-June 2017.
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Forensic Investing: Red Flags – Nicholas Apostolou and D. Larry Crumbley




Interview Techniques – Scott F. Porter and D. Larry Crumbley




America’s First (and Most Fearless) High Profile Forensic Accountant – Nicholas Apostolou and D. Larry Crumbley




Mock Trials Are Informative  – D. Larry Crumbley




So What Is Forensic Accounting? – D. Larry Crumbley



  PwC and the Colonial Bank Fraud: A Perfect Storm


Health Care Fraud: Schemes to Defraud Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Health Care Insurers – GAO


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