I would highly recommend purchasing the Forensic Accounting Review (FAR) course for any professional that has intentions of taking the Certified Forensic Accountant examination for their CRFAC designation. The FAR platform was extremely easy to use, the information was concise, relevant and interesting, and Dr. Crumbley was a great moderator. In addition, I received 62 hours of CPE which was completed online, at my desk and at my convenience. I do not believe that I would have successfully completed the Certified Forensic Accountant examination on my first attempt (or second) had I not completed this FAR course. Dr. Scott McHone and his staff were extremely helpful and were always available to assist with any questions I had.

Susan M. Kliebert, CPA
Audit Manager II
Kushner LaGraize, LLC
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

As a long-time forensic accountant and one who is active in the profession, I am very pleased with the mission and work of the American Board of Forensic Accounting. The Board has succeeded in developing certifications that have integrity and are valued in the marketplace.

Eric A. Kreuter, Ph.D., CPA, CGMA, CFE, Partner
Financial Advisory Services
Marks Paneth LLP

The ABFA offered an excellent forensic accounting program. The course enhanced my professional skills in accounting knowledge, auditing practices, and investigative skills. It was truly a great learning experience.

Winnie L, Government Forensic Accountant (ABGOV)
California Department of Health Care Services

The Forensic Accounting Review course was an excellent course as it strengthened my knowledge in Forensic Accounting. I would highly recommend the FAR course to others with interest in Forensic Accounting.

Martin G, Government Forensic Accountant (ABGOV), Registered Forensic Investigator (RFI)
Section Chief
California Department of Health Care Services

I am proud to take and complete the ABFA certification.

I enjoyed the whole process. I found it to be challenging and a great opportunity as it enhanced my knowledge in Forensic Accounting.

I have been practicing as a CPA for 25 years. My exposure to ABFA has been excellent. Every module and case situation presented were truly applicable in everyday situations. The knowledge gained empowered me to handle complex problems to understand and tackle them in real life.

The world is changing rapidly with computers pushing into digitization. The ABFA definitely plays a pivotal role in facing the new Forensic Accounting arena.

I recommend ABFA certification to every accountant in private or public to enrich and enlarge their professional skills.

I am grateful to all the staff for their enthusiasm and continued encouragement.

Domodar Battu, CPA, Certified Forensic Accountant (CRFAC)

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